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Sunday, October 7, 2012

     My name is Mireya Jordan (but most call me MJ) and I’m a 4th year English major.  I enjoy fashion, not the high end, strut-the-walkway, elitist designer brand type, but rather DIY fashion as I use it to explore my inner sartorialist to artistically express my personality and style.  I also love eating healthy.  Chicken and salmon abound in my fridge, and I try my best to keep all things red at a distance.  I find that my diet has quite a significant impact on everything from appearance, to mood, to my bowel movements.  And to me, those are all pretty important reasons to keep it healthy.      
     The image that I’ve selected was taken last year on my way to the University of Stockton to attend the Western Regional LGBTQIA conference with a number of queer student organizations, including QueerXGirl and Queer Alliance where I currently serve as IVP.  Being able to attend UCLA has given me the opportunity to not only embrace my sexuality, but to also engage my communities (and others at UCLA) about queer identities and help other LGBTQ students learn to embrace themselves holistically.
     The background image I wanted to choose was a Les Paul Cherry Sunburst guitar.  I’ve been playing the guitar on and off since I was about twelve years old and the Les Paul is representative of my love for this instrument as well as music in general.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play since July due to an accident where I severely lacerated my fifth playing finger, but I am hoping to resume my playing within the year. 

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