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Friday, October 5, 2012

Vivian Estela Acosta

My name is Vivian Estela Acosta. I'm a third year at UCLA majoring in Art, with a minor in Urban and Regional Studies and Chicana/o Studies. I chose this picture because it was the most awkward one I could find. This picture was taken last year on my webcam while I was studying one late night. There are many things that define me yet it's very hard for me to come terms with anything. These past few months have been very tormenting for me in the sense that I feel very misunderstood and angry at the world. It's quite interesting to juxtapose the reaction I have in this picture with the statement written before this one.

The word I would choose would be "redefining". I've found much comfort with this word, and much frustration because I apply it to everything in society. I feel everyday, moment, and hour, everything is being redefined. To me even the most engraved topics are being redefined, such as family, love, change, happiness, and power.

I would like to add a floral pattern as my background. No specific flower has a great deal of significance to me, instead the idea of flowers is important. This particular pattern seems to be deeply associated with my childhood and life.

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