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Sunday, October 7, 2012


My name is Kristine Jingozian. I am a third year transfer student majoring in Philosophy. As an Armenian, I have encountered homophobia and transphobia in my community and before I was exposed to Philosophy, around age 14, I never understood how dangerous it is to accept dogma as granted and not fight against it when it is wrong. Overwhelmingly, I have grown up with heteronormative and religious traditions, but I have dissociated from both. I owe a lot, if not everything I am now (which is a more critical and aggressive individual in terms of belief and behavior), to philosophy. I am particularly interested in gender ethics and gender normative language. Although UCLA boasts a rigorous Analytic Philosophy program, I prefer Continental Philosophy as it takes a more literary, almost artistic, approach to philosophy. Fun fact: Nietzsche is my dead husband. 

One of my most recent and illuminating encounters with queer culture happened about a year ago when I saw the film “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in a Philosophy and Cinema class. The costumes and hair in this film had me rippling with envy because I could never actually pull off a wig the way Hedwig does. Furthermore, I took from this film that we are all creating ourselves and we are works in progress (among other things, of course). That we create ourselves and are constantly evolving into another iteration is, to me, an indication of our ultimate artificiality. There is nothing natural about us, but rather we are fabricating our being. I also take this to mean that we are all works of art. Hence the word, ARTificial.

I may have cheated a little; I used two background images. The big pink wig represents me embracing my ARTificiality and the image of concentric circles is representative of the process that I am becoming. I took the photo of myself after work last week. I wanted as recent a photo as possible. The significance of the photo is that it is the most recent iteration of myself I have recorded.

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