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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mosquita y Mari

For this week's post, I went to the screening of Mosquita y Mari for National Coming Out Week on Tuesday.  After the screening, there was a Q&A session with writer/director of the movie, Aurora Guerrero.  There were also four other members of the cast and crew: Laura Patalano (who plays the mother of Mosquita), Omar Leyva (who plays the teacher of the high school Mosquita and Mari attend), Dalila Mendez (Production Designer), and Augie Robles (Editor). 
The film itself was an incredible piece.  I always wanted to watch the movie ever since I heard about it this past summer and watched the trailer.  I literally fell in love with the film because it came to represent a reflection of my life.  Laura Patalano’s character (Mosquita’s mother) clearly describes my mother, and I identify with Mosquita’s personality—a smart girl that cares about her grades because she appreciates the efforts her parents do/have done to give her a better life.  The main thing I love about the film is that it clearly illustrates the innocent, but beautiful, love that develops between Mosquita and Mari.  I remember that during the discussion with Aurora, she mentioned how the movie illustrates the experience queer women sometimes live—that a queer woman’s first love is actually the person who she considered her best friend.  I had totally agreed with her, because the first person I fell in love with was whom I considered my best friend when I was in high school.  This film did not just impressed me, but it speaks for myself, and I’m sure it does so for many other queer Chicanas.

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