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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mosquita y Mari

On Tuesday I went to the screening of Mosquita y Mari put on for National Coming Out Week. The film was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. After the screening Aurora Guerrero (writer/director) and four other members of the cast and crew (whose names I couldn't catch-- sorry!) answered questions and talked about the film.

I really connected with the story of young love, even though my own story is very different. The innocence of the two girls' love, though, at a young age when a vocabulary to describe their feelings doesn't yet exist. I didn't have the same cultural restrictions that they did. I came from a family with a gay mother and had access to things when I came to terms with my sexuality that a lot of people did or do not. But when I was in my early teens and I was starting to figure things out, I thought about it differently than I did as I grew older and than I do now.

I think the thing I enjoyed most about the film was the ending (Spoiler, if you haven't seen the film yet and plan on seeing it!). I liked the openness, because they aren't fully separated but they aren't together either. I liked being able to imagine it the way I wanted it to end, because there was no finality to it. The possibility that they will end up together is there and leaves the note on a hopeful note.

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures so this is going to be a boring text-only post.

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