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Saturday, October 20, 2012


I went to the Kerckhoff Art Gallery to see the exhibition by Professor Lopez. As soon as I walked into the gallery, I was captivated by the style of the paintings. The line quality of the paintings is very bold and graphic. As I was looking at the paintings, I felt a sense of pride. The paintings are celebrating women and I felt proud to be a woman. I really enjoyed the collage of women wrestlers. The power and beauty of women is really being celebrated in these paintings and I appreciated that we were depicted as warriors. 

But the work that captivated me most was the painting of the two-tailed mermaid over flames. It took me a few minutes of looking at the painting to realize that the there was a gradient of orange to blue behind the scales of the tails. That color contrast was visually captivating. Also the conceptual contrast in that particular piece was very interesting. There were flames and a mermaid in the same scenario. The yin and yang between the cool and warm colors and the water theme and the fire is a unique interpretation of a mermaid. Then there is the expression on the mermaid’s face, which unlike the mermaid painting on the left side of the room, boasted a more defiant attitude. It seemed as if she were daring the viewer to try and stop her, flames and all. I really appreciated the power of this piece contrasted with the serene and calm in the other. 

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