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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Meghan Nelson

My name is Meghan Nelson. I'm a third year English student with a minor in LGBT Studies! I really enjoy modern literature (mostly post World War II), but within the last year I've really started to enjoy Shakespeare. I never thought that would happen! But in truth I'm a big sci-fi/fantasy nerd (and proud of it!).

My girlfriend took this picture of me last March, when she came out to visit me for her spring break. I decided to use it because it is one of the few pictures of myself that I actually like, all the more special to me because my partner took it. It was also a great night, one of the few times she and I were able to go on an actual date because she lives on the other side of the country.

The background picture I used is an old typewriter. I don't own a typewriter, but I decided to use it symbolically because my goal in life is to be a writer (like my word probably hinted). I want to write books. I especially want to produce stories on the mainstream market that include a wide variety of queer characters. I would really like to write novels in the fantasy genres that include main characters that we would label as "queer" because I find the novels I read to be severely lacking in that department. That's why being a writer is so important to me! I want to change what I've seen so far.

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