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Friday, October 5, 2012

Martha Izquierdo

Hi my name is Martha and this is my last quarter at UCLA majoring in American Literature and Culture. This photo of me was taken by my best friend who always brings out the best in me.

The background is Sturtevant Falls which is located in Arcadia. It's actually not too far from Los Angeles and it's a secret oasis I like to visit and hike to. I love hiking and exploring new places that are close to Los Angeles but are quiet and let you breathe.

The word I chose, Boniato, is a special type of sweet potato from Cuba that I just love. I'm half-Cuban and half-Salvadorean as well as proud. My Cuban grandmother used to make a dish using this sweet potato and every time I hear this word or eat it, it brings back memories of my grandmother and her stories from living on a farm in Cuba.

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