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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Luis Alfaro

Luis Alfaro is a Chicano playwright, poet, performer, and activist based in Los Angeles. He is an assistant professor at USC in the theater department. He has a vast number of plays and performances that have been performed in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Some of them are Electricidad, Body of Faith, and Bitter Homes and Gardens. He has also received numerous awards and honors. Alfaro is also the only artist to ever receive two grants in one year from the Fund for New American Plays, run by the Kennedy Center. (source)

One piece that he did that intrigues me is Oedipus El Rey, a modern re-imagining/retelling of the Athenian tragedy Oedipus Rex. The play is set in modern-day Los Angeles. The main character is a "Chicano ex-con"who wants to become "king of the South Central LA gangland"(source). I think that the play sounds really interesting because it's a trope seen over and over again in many forms of media. But I feel like putting it in this particular modern setting gives it an interesting spin that has never been done before, or if it has I'm not aware of it. Alfaro says the play, while it deals with the search for a kingdom (or community), also tries to deal with how people (particularly young Latino men) can escape community that they may find restrictive. (source)

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