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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Robert "Cyclona" Legorreta

I have recently changed my artist to Robert Legorreta, commonly known as "Cyclona."  Legorreta is a Chicano artist, born in El Paso, Texas 1952. He is a member of the Southern California Gay Liberation Front. He was greatly effected by the institutionalized racism and the Chicano movement of the 1960s. Legorreta's first break came in 1969, from a play titled Caca-Roaches Have No Friends written by Asco's artist Gronk. During this play Legorreta was inspired to create the pseudonym "Cyclona." Deeply influenced by the collective group Asco, widely known for their artistic grotesque objectives, Legorreta had created an early profile for drag as an art expression. This image is by far my favorite taken of Legorreta, their is something that frightens me but still alluring, something that pushes me away yet inviting at the same time. Legorreta's white make-up was an influential move taken from European theater and opera, especially harlequins. He wanted to highlight a type of gothic performance, which I believe was an idea borrowed from the group Asco. Nevertheless, his performance art is something I must delve into a bit further in order to understand his overall goals as an artist.

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