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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Laura Aguilar

       Laura Aguilar is a self taught photographer who calls Los Angeles home. In her work she tries to provide a better understanding of what it is like to be Latina and Lesbian.  Her artistic goal is to create photographic images that compassionately render the human experience, revealed through the lives of individuals in the lesbian/gay and/or persons of color communities. She incorporates words into her work to make a statement though this makes life harder for her, due to her dyslexia she feels a sense of satisfaction being challenged. She also feels that within the LGBT community in Los Angeles people of color are a hidden subculture, remaining unseen. 
      I was drawn to her art because I had a had a slight obsession with photography in high school and really wanted to research a photographer who's work I can ponder about. I looked through the list and looked up the few photographers that were available to research and though she did not have a huge amount of pictures her work stood out the most to me. Her work is unique and I appreciate that her images provide the opportunity for Lesbian Latinas to share their stories openly. I also admire her empowering others through her pieces and hoping to , “provide the opportunity to explore ourselves and others, and to express our own beauty, strength and dignity”.

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