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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kiernan Gatewood

My name is Kiernan Gatewood, a transfer student arriving from the SF Bay Area. Studying Art History (with a emphasis on Contemporary Art) and a Film/Media Minor, I'm taking this course to both acclimate myself with the L.A. Arts Scene as well as get some exposure to some contemporary queer art- which is unfortunately under-represented in the Art History program. 

I live in Hollywood which I'm finding to be a great location centered between a short commute to school and work (at the Hammer Museum!) and the various happenings downtown. I'm very committed to cultural events and try to fill my spare time with as many as possible. 

I have a partner who is currently living back in Oakland finishing his degree at UC Berkeley and will join me down here after he graduates in the spring. Can't wait.

I chose this picture because it is one of those rare photobooth picture where the composition seems to come together perfectly. I'm really into the symbology within art, and especially of the sun, light and its cultural implications. I also use a background of a blue sky with white clouds, which furthers the association with light, but also to mimic one of my favorite music videos (Ray of Light) that I grew up with and definitely defined much of my aesthetic interests. For my word I include the word "Yes" because it is always important to try and stay positive and try new things. 

Let's have a great quarter!

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