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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kerckhoff Art Exhibition

For National Coming Out Week, the event I attended was the art gallery in Kerckhoff, showcasing the art of Alma Lopez. I was really excited for this event because Professor Lopez has talked about her work in class and I was anxious to see it and experience it in person. I was instantly impressed by the use of vibrant colors once I walked into the art gallery. I wasn’t able to hear her talk about her work but nonetheless I was excited to make my own interpretations of her paintings. The pieces that really caught my eye were the ones that read, “The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love”. For example, the piece with the heart wrapped up with roses and “Our Lady” in the background reveals the juxtaposition of a revolutionary. The fiery and intense red color represents the strength and fight a woman has within her but the roses represents her passion and warmth. I feel like the heart is what fuses these two elements together to make a true revolutionary, just like the quote states. The other art piece that I liked was the one with the image of the ear. I feel as if the corazon earring symbolizes that a revolutionary listens and speaks with her heart, throwing aside any stereotype society might impose upon her. Overall, I enjoyed admiring every single piece that was on display and was glad I was able to attend this event.

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