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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ken Gonzales Day

  Ken Gonzales Day is a photographer. A majority of his works explore humanity in terms of race and the history of photography. He is actually a Professor and Chair of the Art Department at Scripps College. He also has many different works in museums around the country including the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, The Museum of Man in San Diego, The Field Museum in Chicago and works featured internationally as well like in France at the L'École des beaux-arts in Paris. 

The pieces I choose are one's that caught my eye immediately. The first piece at the upper right corner is interesting to me because of all the different individual pictures. I think that although individually they are all different pictures of different people with different characteristics at different points in life, there are commonalities. The way how everyone gets old is most notable to me here. The way skin wrinkles. But something else I noticed as well is that some of the pictures in a way fit together as if they were the same picture. That I thought was interesting because I think that we get lost amongst the differences and forget how similar we all are. The picture to the left i thought was really cool. It starts off with a city on fire and all the progressing pictures appear to be of smoke of different fires taken at different times and then it ends peacefully with white clouds. That even though the clouds of smoke symbolize destruction, there are also clouds that can instil bewilderment and beauty as if to give hope back.

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