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Friday, October 5, 2012

John Williams

My name is John Williams; I am a fourth year transfer student studying Spanish as a major. The photo I chose was taken at an amazing bar in Prescott, AZ. I was on a weekend trip with my good friend Cory to visit our friend Osi, both of whom I have known since gradeschool! I love good friends!

We had spent this day planting a veggie garden at Osi's house while he worked, and to thank us he took us to what is known as "Whiskey Row," a string of bars and breweries frequented by the locals, dating back to the days of the Wild West!

As you all can see, this is my original photo. I was unable to finish the photoshopped edition due to....I suppose we'll call them technical difficulties, for lack of better word ;). The background photo I had planned on using was the old Mrs. Pacman screen, there was no particular significance at the time, but I do remember a few wonderful memories that come to mind associated with this game, one involving my great uncle, two brothers, and a coffee can full of quarters!

I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts, so get em up there before Sunday at midnight!!

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