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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Joey Terrill

Joey Terrill was born and raised in Los Angeles as a second generation Mexican American whose art reflects a coming together of his Chicano and queer identity. Even though at times these two identities can conflict with one another Terrill is able to bring them together in interesting ways. Terrill went to Immaculate Heart College from 1973-76 and then to Cal State La in 2002-04. He has been involved in grass roots political AIDS activism for over 20 years. He was first diagnosed with HIV at the age of 25 and talks about the effects of long term use of HIV medications which is represented in his art work.

What caught my attention was Terrill's style of painting and subjects which ranged from the sensual homoerotic to the festive embracing of life and joy captured in his still life scenes.
This following passage accurately describes Terrill's complexities that come across in his paintings saying,"Gay men involved in the Chicano movement are routinely charged with remaining silent on the issue of sexuality, but Terrill’s deep commitment to racial/ethnic civil rights and empowerment has been inextricably bound to his involvement in queer activism"(Rodriguez 467). Even though at times the Chicano movement and the LGBT civil rights movements can conflict with their ideas of "values" Terrill is able to bring them together in a beautiful way.

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