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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jeanne, May I Pick Your Brain??

When We Were Outlaws has left me with questions about Jeanne Cordova's political and love debacles and triumphs, but to some extent it has also left me yearning for a taste of what she lived. Though what follows is somewhat unrelated to this post, I think it is worth mentioning. Her comparison of dissolving into the Earth while in the forest, to making love with Rachel as their bodies dissolved into each other's, was an awe-inspiring moment for me. If I can experience even a minimal amount of what she described to have lived with Rachel that night, I will consider myself a very lucky man.

My three questions for Jeanne are:

1) What were your reasons for outing someone when an expected result was not met?
I noticed this a couple of times. After Angela Davis said that alternative sexuality was only a practice for the privileged during her speech, Jeanne made it her duty to almost out Davis at her Q&A session. Also, when the print shop refused to run the cover of The Lesbian Tide, Jeanne made sure that she outed Roger before she went to go talk to Roger's boss about his issue with the cover.

2) What allows you to keep your composure when rage could potentially take over?
Jeanne was placed in several situations where it would've taken every fiber of my being not to react or frenzy in rage. For example, during the march from Highland to Vine with Morris, Jeanne prevented the march from dividing into sections by stopping the man driving through the street who blatantly told her how he felt about queers. Jeanne's interactions and interview with Joe Tomassi is another example of how she was able to keep her composure. Her actions to solve any immediate adversity seemed to come naturally. Could this be due to experience? Were her responses instinctual? 

3) How is your relationship with your parents and your siblings? What's become of them? Is your father still a homophobe? Did Jerome come out to you or any family?
Perhaps this question is too personal in nature, and I certainly hope that I'm not overstepping my bounds. However, I feel that Jeanne allows us into her life with unwavering veracity, which gives me the confidence to ask this question. I ask because I sincerely want to know. 

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