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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jeanne Cordova an OUTlaw?

     "When We Were Outlaws" is an insightful window to the growth of both lesbian culture as well as how lesbians played into the overall queer movement as well how excluded they were from the Gay Frontlines. Through the personal experiences and articles that Cordova provides to her readers a sense of consciousness fills every chapter, and each chapter itself is formatted to give a sense that the reader is reading a magazine. Given the datelines, headlines, and articles of the very moments in Cordova's life that played an integral part in the development of her radical identity.
     A radical lesbian Chicana Feminist, so much  experience entitled to that identity alone and she was able to encompass all of those intersectionalities throughout her memoir. I on a personal note was also able to relate to her in some ways, in the case where she had a consciousness around being able to deconstruct the linguistics of our man made language and what traditions were "hetero-centric." It was refreshing to see even some new takes on the traditions and language that surround us. Gave that double take on things.

In reading the novel some questions did come to mind: 
-In reading so much about fighting in this queer revolution,
and although some advancements were made, what does
 "gay liberation and freedom" look like to you?
-When calling out Angela Davis herself and questioning her 
sexuality why do you think the dynamics of being lesbian and
 feminist were so bad? When the feminist teaching go by "the
 personal is political" and yet we had figures like Davis making
 it seem like it wasn't relevant. 

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