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Saturday, October 6, 2012

J. Aces Lira

   Salutations Everyone. The name is Aces with twitter name: Aces_goesplaces. Have the weirdest fetish to scratch my friends on the head at sporadic moments. When it comes to food, I never say no but I really love enchiladas, pupusas, pho, and sushi. Traveling is usually on my things to do along with outdoor adventures, I've ventured through the outdoors of Montana, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and some parts of California. Loving the LA scene since I've moved here from Ventura, Ca. Still have a lot to discover from this amazing city. As for my background I'm a Xicano Queer Activist on the rise fighting for access issues, equal rights, and immigration reform (not limited to this list of course). All in all a positive person, In my opinion. 
   For my photo selection, this was one of a series for a mock sorority we established in my summer apartment. We had a good time and it was a good reminder of the close bonds that anyone is truly capable of making. We had good laughs and someone might have been pushed into the pool with their clothes on that night. For my prospective background I want to choose a monkey wallpaper. A want a proper representation of how I choose to view life and that's with curiosity. For my word I'm choosing it's "Vida" for the my life perspective from my cultural view. An understanding of how I'm living with my  queer,working class, and biracial intersectionality. We all come from different walks of life but mine so happens to be from Vida.  

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