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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mosquita Y Mari

--> This week I attended UCLA’s National Coming Out Week event—the screening of Mosquita Y Mary , a film written and  directed by Aurora Guerrero a Mexican artist from the Bay. 
I remember when the film was trying to make enough money to finish/create the film, I contributed but had never seen the finished product. I was excited to see it because this was an independent film that depicted two coming of age Latinas in Los Angeles. I remember watching films growing up and wanting to see characters that I could relate to as a queer Xicana/Latinas in Los Angeles, but the queer characters were always white or they were stereotypical Latinas. Mosquita Y Mari was finally able to give me the opportunity for me to see myself on screen and many other queer Latinas who are coming to terms with their sexuality and or already have. This film is also unique because they used the streets and neighborhood of East Los Angeles to film it, many of the characters in the film were also residents of the area, making the film more down to earth and realistic and did I mention EXCITING!
A film like this is important for the queer youth  especially when they feel alone due to homophobia, and it is also a film for everyone because it demonstrates the beauty of our Latino bi-cultural/ tri-cultural community. I must also mention that the  music used is great especially if you like punk/Ska and  tribal/banda, This is a film is a must see - it's one of a kind and you can not miss out on that!

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