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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guglio Gronk Nicandro

Guglio Gronk Nicandro was born in 1954 as Glugio Nicandro. Primarily known for his murals around Los Angeles, Gronk has also worked as a street performer and has made acrylic pieces. He is also thought as one of the pioneering Chicano artists in his early life. He, along with three other artists, were part of a group called the "ASCO," which in translation means something along the lines of utter disgust. The group is well-known for their work in 1972 after being told by the curator from LACMA that Chicano artists would never be showcased there. The story goes that the members of ASCO spray-painted LACMA's front, making LACMA itself part of their artwork.
Gronk's work itself focuses on German Neo-Expressionism, focusing on rather gray palettes of color, as well as using surrealism elements as well. His more famous work is known as "La Tormenta," which is an art piece as well as a performance piece.  The way that it's set up is that there is an opera singer singing in front of him with her back turned to him. As she sings a piece of work, Gronk uses his paintbrush as a conductor would do, creating the image of the woman based on the motions and movements she makes. There are three variations of this work, ranging from a comedic-looking back to a very somber one. The reason why his art attracts me is his use of darker colors. With them, Gronk seems to add color with just three of them, creating a blend of contrast and balance that is beautiful.

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