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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exhibition in Kerckhoff

For National Coming Out Week, I was only able to visit Professor Lopez's exhibition in Kerckhoff. Being a commuter, my time on campus is spent attending class and after that I go home. But I am glad that I did have the opportunity to view the artworks that were being shown. After reading Reed's Art and Homosexuals and our discussions in class, there was something that occurred to me. The way it can be interpreted of the term Queer Arts in LA, is that we were going to study Art representing queer things or directed at a queer audience. But that is a big misconception, considering the point of the matter is that we are looking at queer artist and their artwork. I dont think that it should be labeled as anything else, because the bottom line is that queer or not, art remains art. There should be no distinction between art based on sexual orientation. And I think that the term Queer Art is misleading.

These two pieces I thought were very interesting. The first caught my attention due to the fact of the butterfly. I realized that our professor wasn't kidding about liking butterflies and it shows in her expression of art through painting. I like the one of the luchadora because it struck me as odd. I never really imagined female wrestlers as wearing masks. I just had this preconceived notion that only the men wore masks in lucha libre.

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