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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Edgar Navarro

Well, my name is Edgar. I'm a 3rd year Psychology major, and I enjoy movies that make me cry, like Little Miss Sunshine. I also love my two little sisters till it hurts, and my favorite color varies from black to white, or in between. I hate physics, but love math, and enjoy it when there’s fog in the morning and part of the afternoon. I plan to go to Japan after I graduate to help teach English over there, and enjoy myself in a culture that has always interested me.
My picture comes from an event I led at my job called “Queering Cupid.” This event focused on finding connections with other queer students not just in a sexual level, but a community level. This being said, the picture in itself is symbolic of me trying to love myself by kissing my hand. I know, rather dumb of me, but hey, it’s ok. The background (as soon as I change it) is Florence Welsh, one of my favorite singers in the world. Her music always seems to pull at me to dance or lay in a heap to cry, and both can happen in one song. The word I chose was “yay.” It’s a simple word, showing happiness in a regular context. It’s strange, however, how the absence of punctuation makes it seem disconcerting. It’s strange, but I like that duality. For me, it’s saying you can be happy, but you don’t always have to force yourself to do this. It’s ok to say “yay” even on a bad day, as long as you still have the capability to say or feel it.

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