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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don Bachardy

I choose to research about Don Bachardy. He is a portrait painter who lives in Santa Monica, California. Sometimes, an artist’s life itself gives more impression than their works. Don Bachardy is one of that kind. His love story with Christopher Isherwood is famous so that it was made into a movie called ‘Chris & Don: A Love Story’. Christopher Isherwood was an artist too, in his case, a writer and also he wrote ‘Single Man’ on which one of my favorite movie of Tom Ford, ‘’Single Man’. In fact, Isherwood wrote the novel during the time when he and Bachardy broke up for a while so we could say Bachardy had given inspirations to ‘Single Man’. Bachardy used to draw pencil illustrations for some of Isherwood’s paper books. Despite a 30-year age difference, he lived with Isherwood as a sincere partner till he died. He painted many portraits of celebrities like Bette Davis, Montgomery Clift and Mary Woronov and one of his frequent subject matter is Christopher Isherwood.

His style of drawing is so simple. In most cases, he usually depicts men with acrylic or water color. There are some colored paintings, but most of them are monotone. Rather than using techniques, he draws portraits with simple honesty. I think this is what he does to help audiences to concentrate more on the essential part of the man in the picture and not distract their attention to dazzling visual effects.    

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