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Saturday, October 13, 2012


D'Lo is a self-identified queer artist, ethnically Sri Lankan Tamil but native to the city of Los Angeles. Though he is most well-known as a political performance artist who expresses himself through word, theater, and comedy, he is also musically trained, holding music degrees from UCLA and NYU. D'Lo has performed in several US cities, as well as Canada, UK, Germany, Sri Lanka, and India.

The clip below is of one of the segments from D'Lo's Ramble-Ations, a performance in which he embodies several characters to weave a personal narrative about his particular struggles and experiences as a queer Sri Lankan growing up in Los Angeles. This particular excerpt is titled 'Amma', and is of a character that he bases off his own mother. I was particularly drawn to how skillfully he employs humor to give a kind of insight into his life. From what I have seen so far, his work is entertaining, while still being unpretentious. As a queer PoC from Southern California as well, I found myself smiling and nodding at several moments in this video, his subtle commentary on immigrant family dynamics honest and relatable. I look forward to researching more about him.

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