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Friday, October 5, 2012

Dafne Luna

Hello, my name is Dafne Luna and I am a 3rd year Gender Studies Major. This is a Skype picture that was taken during  one of the many late night summer Skype sessions with the love. I attempted to create a really cool photoshopped picture with this background
because I have this love and obsession of dinosaurs. I have a dinosaur blanket, toys, origami, wall decals, a robotic dinosaur named Molly, and my dog's name is Rexy. We were suppose to choose one word that holds power in our life, however, I couldn't think of a word all I could think about is " any means necessary." The last couple of years have been some of the most defining in my life and it took a lot of health problems, coming out consequences, abuse, loss, and insanity to finally realize where my priorities stand. I have goals and aspirations that I will accomplish by any means necessary because they will allow me to take care of whats most important to me in my life my family. 

I figured it out lol

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