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Friday, October 5, 2012

Christopher Jonathan Meza

 My name is Christopher Jonathan Meza and I’m a first-year transfer student from Santa Monica College. I’m in the nursing program, which so far is turning out to be a wonderful experience. I was born in the flourishing Latino community of Hollywood, CA. The picture I selected was taken about three years ago during my high school graduation ceremony. It reflects a time when I was anxious and excited to begin my college career at Santa Monica. I’m once again experiencing this same plethora of emotions as I move forward here at UCLA, and I can’t wait to see what journey is in store for me.
        The background I chose is a painting of a tree. I absolutely adore plants. During my time at Santa Monica College, I took an organismal and environmental biology class, which included an extensive botany study in the curricula. I became enthralled with all types of plants, the animals and microorganisms that interact with them, and environmental issues that pertain specifically to the presence of certain plants and pollinators. The word I chose for this portrait is DE LA PAZ, which in Spanish, translates into “of the peace.” DE LA PAZ is my mother’s maiden name and the reason I chose this word is because, simply put, words can’t describe how important my family is to me. Everything I pursue in life is solely so that I may one day protect and provide for them. I’m certainly a multidimensional character, but my family is definitive of the person I am.
        I’m really excited to see how this class progresses. We all seem to share a common bond, and I sincerely hope I have the privilege of getting to know all of you.

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