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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monica Palacios

Monica Palacios is a self identified queer Chicana from San Jose who studied at California State University of Chico and now lives in Los Angeles. Palacios has been performing for thirty years as a stand up comedian and is officially the first Chicana lesbian in comedy. She writes her skits to purposely give visibility to the complexity of being a queer Chicana/o, Latina/o especially because these types of characters are never visible in mainstream media or theatre. She has written many screen plays and her most recent screenplay is Memoory Is In Your Heart that is a comedic drama about relationships, aging among other real topics.

I chose her because I love comedy and I had never seen a queer Chicana comedian. I attended her most recent show “ Queer Chicana Soul” at Highways in Los Angeles. I enjoyed her, it was hilarious; there were many things she referenced that I actually understood and others that I could relate to. I walked out feeling good about being a queer Latina, she mixes the Spanish and English in her skits but also sings in both! She tends to queer the lyrics to something fitting for a queer Chicana/ Latina. Check her clip!

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