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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Angelica Becerra

Hello there! My name is Angélica Becerra (pronounced "Un-hell-li-kuh") and I am a PhD student at UCLA in the Chicana and Chicano Studies program. Interesting backstory? I used to not be so particular about how my name was pronounced, often assuming a passiveness and letting others call me Angie or Angel and what not. But as I became much more politicized and empowered, I realized that my name (and the way it was pronounced) was a method of hiding whom I really was and of course of colonization. My name with its "foreignness" was part of not just me but signified where I came from. In short, I love it when others pronounce my name correctly, it reminds me of how my abuelita and tias pronounce it, it reminds me of home

Andy Warhol, "Flowers", 1970.
The image I chose is a portrait just outside my home in the South Bay, I'm an "L.A. Suburb" kid, which means that I've pretty much experienced L.A. through the outskirts. The background image I wanted to use was a print by Andy Warhol titled "Flowers", from an early age I've admired his work and would say that I'm quite obsessed by now. In the same vein, the word I chose was "Maverick", it means two things. (1) an unbranded calf and (2) non-comformist, free thinker. I identify with the second meaning more of course, I've always felt that being one of the few Mexicanas in a graduate program must mean I'm definitely non-comforming. Finally, my last name means calf in Spanish, freaky how even the first meaning fits. 

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