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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Alison De La Cruz

Alison M. De La Cruz is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist, arts educator and cultural organizer, whose passion is to tell stories. She currently lives in the South Bay and she is the Administrative Director for About Productions. She is also the Lead Teaching Artist for East West Player’s PEAC Program & Special Event Producer. De La Cruz first emerged in 1998 as a poet and spoken word artist at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture. Her first solo work was Sungka (2000), followed by As We Like It (2003), Naturally Graceful (2005), Grassroots Rising (2005), and other works. In 2007, De La Cruz worked with Adelina Anthony and D'Lo, who are queer solo artists, to create the Spotlight Stealerz. Another important work of her is LA Malong Malong (2011), a re-imagined, interactive fairy tale with its name derived from a Southern Philippines folkdance, and a performance that centers of the question: Who would you climb a tower for?  She is currently working a new piece entitled Queers Live Happily Ever After in and amongst all of her other artistic, administrative and production work.  She also works with talented artists to create, mobilize, and heal communities through the use of art.

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